70 Eclectic And Quirky Living Room Decor Styling Ideas

Home is a place where everyone returns from all the tiring activities. For that, a sense of comfort must be present from a dwelling. One way to create a sense of comfort at home is to present the concept of your favorite home.

Eclectic is a home style which means a design style that combines various styles into one house. However, there are some things that you must consider if you want to apply this style. Because, if you just join the style, instead of making the house feel comfortable, the impression of a mess will be what you get.

The easiest way to combine two different styles is to provide harmony between the two styles. For example in the interior of a modern and simple concept room then we want to insert a table in the corner of an ethnic-style room so that it is more unified, give color matching with the ethnic table in some parts such as sofa cushions or other elements.

In addition to color there are still many other elements that can be used as a connecting element, including forms, materials, textures or whatever. Let’s look at 70 Eclectic And Quirky Living Room Decor Styling Ideas below.


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