Super Cool Home Wall Design With Brick Walls

Want to display a different creative impression at home? Come on, take a peek at some of the wall design of houses with these brick walls.

At present, wall designs with different and unique styles are being sought by many residents.

for example, the design of a brick wall. brick walls will present a thick industrial home style.

more than just an iconic industrial style, it turns out that walls with brick walls have a strong character. so it is appropriate for you to focus the room.

Curious as to what inspiring home wall design from this brick wall? let’s see some of the options below.

Bathroom design with brick walls


Who says a house with a brick wall design cannot be combined with modern furniture?

brick walls combined with modern furniture will create different creative accents for a bathroom.

just rely on the color of the bat stone in general, your bathroom looks very natural. choose bathroom furniture that is natural in color such as white or black.

Brick walls with colorful furniture


Have never seen a wall design of a house that is collaborated with colorful furniture, right?

For example you can see above. This unique home wall design can be copied if you do not want to be the same as the walls of a neighbor’s house.

The color of the brick wall turned out to be a good backround for home furnishings with various colors. Your room will look more cheerful!

Porch wall designs


Furthermore, you can make a brick wall as the foundation wall of the terrace house.

Terraces are always exposed to the sun or different weather, you should only use a plain wall.

Like, house wall design with this brick wall. Just give a little color to the wall to make it more interesting to see.


Brick wall design in the living room

The combination of brick walls and natural materials in the living room will give a direct natural impression.

The brick walls that are collaborated with the all-white living room casting will make the room atmosphere more homey.

Combine also with yellow lights and fur rugs that can warm the atmosphere of the living room.


White brick walls, suitable in a monochrome bedroom

Brick wall is identical to the reddish color typical of brick material.

However, if you want to present a more contemporary impression on the interior of the room, just try changing the color of the walls with white paint.

The monochrome impression in your bedroom will be more pronounced.


The laundry room

You can eat brick wall designs in the laundry area.

The laundry room is synonymous with clean atmosphere, and clean and bright colors are very suitable for brick wall use.

Try to paint the brick wall in the laundry room with white. Also combine with wooden furniture for interior design.

Look at your laundry room area, how beautiful is that?

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