10 Magic Decoration With Mirror, Make The House Look More Spacious!

Decoration is useful for making the house look more comfortable and eye-catching. One of the decorations that can be adopted to decorate your home is a mirror. In addition to giving a broad impression, a mirror attached to the wall can also give a fancy and modern effect at home

One of the most noteworthy parts in decoration is decoration placed on the walls of a room.

Of course, you definitely need a variety of decorative ideas that you can use, right?

1. Hexagon mirrors

Hexagon mirrors of various sizes can be affixed to the white wall and will give a modern impression.

source: futuristarchitecture.com

2. Sea decoration and glass

The white-colored living room is able to present a simple but elegant impression of the wall hangings.

Glass, and sea animals such as starfish, shells, which are given wooden frames in a rectangular shape.

3. Minimalist wall mirror full in the living room

Your house including a narrow land? Just use this minimalist full-wall mirror design idea.

You can use a large square-shaped glass arranged until the wall is full. This mirror creates perfect proportions that direct the view of people to the grandeur of your home.

Besides that, you can also place a desk shelf in front of it. Then decorate with greenery and some of your family picture frames.

source pinterest.com

4. Modern minimalist wall mirror

The living room is one of the ideal locations to bring a mirror because this room usually tends to have a minimum size. Besides that, of course it is also useful to check your appearance before leaving home.

You can apply this mirror pattern design idea in your house. The minimalist modern impression will radiate and become the center of attention of those who visit.

source: sebringdesignbuild.com

5. Decorate the hallway with a minimalist wall mirror

So that the hallway in your house is not innocent like a new home, just apply the idea of aisle wall mirrors.

You can use a large mirror placed on the right and left of the hall. This wall mirror also functions to give a broad impression on the hallway of your house.

No more impression of tightness!

source: amordesign.co

6. Apply to the walls of your bedroom

In the bedroom you have to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

This atmosphere can help your body relax while sleeping. Use a simple bedroom design with high functionality.

You can install a full mirror on your wall.

source: trendir.com

7. Create the impression of a window with a wall mirror model

As a design element, the installation of multiple mirrors neatly and organized on the wall can create a minimalist modern effect.

The key is in the arrangement and use of the type and size of the mirror.

Mirror color also has an effect. So that your house has a different style, form a mirror resembling your window

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