7 Simple Ways To Care For Photos To Stay Durable And Not Fade

Many people still print photo activities. Even though it’s already a digital age world, huh? This is understandable because a photo has its own memories when printed. Therefore, you need to know how to take care of the photos so that quality is maintained.

Everyone must have a personal or family photo displayed in the house. However, if you display photos on the wall for too long, be careful! Over time the photos will become moist so that the colors fade easily.

Therefore, you need to know simple steps so that your photos last. The following steps to take care of photos that you can do at home:

1. Coat photos with plastic laminating

This is useful if you are not using a glass-coated picture frame. Laminated plastic is good for holding all kinds of dirt and damp wall conditions.

2. Avoid photos from direct sunlight

source: mrssldn.com

UV light can make color photos fade. Do not put photos near windows or doors that are exposed to direct sunlight.

3. Take care of photos from moisture

Humid air can cause problems for your photos such as spotting on your photos due to mold.

You should put photos in a place that is always dry, for example, family room, bedroom, and living room.

There are tricks that you can do to avoid damp conditions, that is, to snap photos with newspaper or tissue between the photo and frame.

4. Never stack photo frames

If you want to save a picture frame, avoid sticking to the frame.

This will cause your photo frame to have friction that is marked by peeling off the bark.

5. Occasionally remove photos from an album or picture frame

This activity is useful to prevent the stickiness of photos on the album or frame.

6. Be careful using glass cleaner

Glass cleaner can be a problem if the water enters through the frame. This can affect the color of your photo.

7. You can smear the photo with egg white

How to prepare chicken eggs, then just take the egg whites as needed.

Then shake it first. When ready, basting the photo that you will display with egg white.

Remember don’t smear it too much! Also make sure your hands are clean and not moist when handling photos.

This is useful so that your photos are more shiny and durable.

I hope this is useful, dear friends!

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