5 Things To Consider When Design A Small Bedroom

The size of your bedroom is small and narrow? Does it feel cramped and uncomfortable? Want to decorate it to be comfortable but don’t know what to do? The bedroom which is your space for me time should be the most comfortable place for you. But the small size of the room makes you feel uncomfortable in it. For a small room there are five tips to make it more spacious and comfortable.

Having a bedroom that has a mini size does not mean you have to give up on circumstances. There are still many ways to make your narrow bedroom look more spacious and comfortable. Before choosing furniture or other bedroom decorations, it helps you pay attention to the following 5 things. These narrow bedroom design tips can make a significant change in your room!

Ventilation and lighting

Ventilation is not just to regulate air circulation. But it can make your room look more spacious. Both the door and window sunlight will make the room look more comfortable to live in. Fresh air also makes the room far from damp and crowded. Try to avoid placing windows that are too exposed to the sun. Because it will cause your room to feel hot.

In the picture the room is dominated by white which reflects light from the door making this room seem spacious. Optimizing the use of space on the wall does not take place so it does not appear crowded. The color play is only on the walls with a monotonous color. Not excessive and only give a little color to the room. While storage space only uses shelves and small furniture that does not take up much space.


Bright paint color

Bright colors can also help your room become more spacious. Try to use monotonous and muted colors that will reflect light so the room seems more spacious. Don’t use too many striking colors because it will make your room seem cramped.

Go minimalist

One of the narrow bedroom design ideas that is most often used is a minimalist concept. This concentration prioritizes the impression of being simple but completely useful. Try to use a minimalist concept with a little decoration. The amount of furniture and decoration in your room will cause the effects of tightness or stuffiness.

Choose furniture that has a dual function, for example a bed that can also be used as a closet. Furniture with a variety of functions is very suitable for use in your cramped room. Remember not to put too much stuff in your room.

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