ontemporary modern concept house does look special. Not only the concept that is carried and the interior layout is captivating, but the existence of a swimming pool that would certainly amaze anyone who saw it.

Standing on a land area of ​​720 square meters, this three-storey 980-square meter residential area successfully accommodates the needs of the owner as a whole. Not only are the main needs of a standard nature, but there are also complementary spatial functions. The first floor area is used for service, while private and semi-public activities are held on the second and third floors.

The front facade of a house that tends to be closed has many window openings which are placed in an organized rhythm. It looks simple and doesn’t invite attention. The use of natural stone in this field is quite dominating, namely on the fence, the basic building area, and between windows. Display that tends to be closed at the front, is deliberate. In addition to not being too inviting the attention of outsiders, the beauty of the real home is indeed oriented in and behind the house area.

A simple rear view of the house is maintained. However, the wide open glass area that dominates is the main attraction. In addition to disguisedly showing the layout of space, at night the glow of the lights will look dramatic.

Elegant Space

Overall, the interior space in this house is dominated by muted colors, showing elegant luxury. The choice of furniture looks elegant and luxurious, carrying a strong contemporary modern concept. The present design in a simple line but still elegant can be felt. Mix and match options of colors, materials and soft furnishings from the order displayed look harmoniously soothing.

On the second floor, there is a wide window opening and dominates the field of the wall, presenting a view towards the swimming pool. Not only serving view, but the presence of window openings is also a means to create cross ventilation so that the air inside the house remains flowing and fresh. Field of continuous openings is also placed in the void area, which is directly facing the pool view. Can be felt, the point of view is focused on the swimming pool area.

Hanging Pool

This house is equipped with several facilities to support fitness, such as a swimming pool, fitness room, and meditation room. Interestingly, the swimming pool that can be reached from the second floor is designed to hang and be a surprise element in this house. Like the resort occupancy, the design of an infinity swimming pool (infinity pool) makes the water freely spill into the first floor, to then enter the drainage. The infinity pool creates a flow of water that spills downwards, which gives visual effects and gurgling water.

This residence is a portrait of a dream residence. Offering complete comfort for residents, through architectural design, interior layout, facilities, location, and integrated landscape management.


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