Fantasy Beautiful Aquarium Design without the hassle

Aquarium is one of the decorative elements that is able to ‘enliven’ the atmosphere of space. But unfortunately aquarium maintenance must be done routinely so that the ecosystem inside it still lives well.

The problem turned out to inspire to come up with a unique idea of ​​a fantasy aquarium that provides practical and economical solutions. This idea first appeared when they designed a hotel. The narrow area between the building mass and the high kaveling fence was used to be “something” that could give a refreshing aura to the space from the inside in the form of a cafe space.

Then the idea emerged to create a dry garden that imagined the concept of an underwaterscape. Aluminum squares are shaped horizontally as if to be a frame (frame) that limits the view to the outside so that it resembles an aquarium in a three-dimensional version.

The walls are coated with artificial material resembling gray stone on a black background. The smooth curve of the stone is very similar to the original so that from a distance it will look natural. Then, “koi fish” are placed between the rocks and as if floating with a “gentle” motion. “Fishes” are made from acrylic material, made as closely as possible, both from the size, color and pattern as well as from the pattern of its contortion movements so that it resembles its original shape.

Furthermore, the position of “fish” is made to float with the help of an iron pole that supports the “back and forth” position of the “fish”. As an accent, “water plants” are also made of acrylic material and Swarovski crystal stone ornaments arranged in longitudinal strands, imagining fish food.

With the lighting from the uplight and downlight will increasingly give a dazzling fantasy sensation that can be seen from behind the window. A unique creative idea and solution for those who don’t have the time and skills to care for an actual aquarium.

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