Home Design with Dynamic Space Composition

Initial House Design Process

In the initial stage, the architect treats the condition of the land which extends and is flanked by the road in front of the building also behind the building while the western part of the land is exposed to bright sunlight.

To overcome this, the architect designed a building mass resembling the letter L that extends to the back. The main rooms are placed on the top floor while the supporting rooms are on the ground floor.

The uniqueness of the design of this house lies in the composition of the mass of the building and exploration of modern building materials, as well as the dynamic arrangement of space.

The main rooms in the design of this house are placed on the top floor while the supporting rooms are on the ground floor. The shape of the building mass is dominated by the composition of geometric cubes that is “straightforward”, in accordance with the image of modern dwellings. The back of the building mass is deliberately rotated 150 so that the position of the building is perpendicular to the north so as to avoid the entry of sunlight into the dwelling.

The west side and facade of the building are designed to be solid without openings but are still equipped with secondary skin which absorbs the sun’s rays. In the entrance area, architects try to maintain the privacy of homeowners by designing the hallway, main entrance and living room separate from other spaces. Uniquely, the living room is designed open and insulated by transparent brick walls so that guests can enjoy the natural and fresh atmosphere in the residential front yard.

What is the uniqueness of this house?

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