7 Wonderful Room Decorating Inspiration With Brick Walls

Discussing about building finishing materials, in line with the development of industrial technology, now there are many choices of finishing materials that you can use to beautify the appearance of the residence. One of them is brick walls.

The use of brick wall material is one of the favorite choices because it is one of the characteristics of the material. The appearance of a typical brick wall can make a strong impression on the building. With design creativity, brick wall material can also be used for various styles and types of dwellings.

Are you confused how to make a permanent residential look with the presence of paste bricks? Take a look at some of the residential inspirations that apply the following brick walls material:

1. Brick Walls For Tropical Houses

Maximize this architectural concept with the application of brick walls material. Not only is the material resistant to climate and extreme weather, it also helps to reduce the heat of the tropical sun to enter directly into the dwellings, so that the house becomes cooler.

Beautiful Tropical Home Living Room By Studio Nirvana
Beautiful Tropical Home Living Room By Studio Nirvana

Moreover, the brick walls material also has a look that is suitable for residential architecture in a tropical style with a combination of wood materials.

2. Modern House With Brick Walls Accents

For those of you who like a modern style house, it doesn’t mean you can’t apply brick wall material, you know. Modern homes may have the impression of being cooler and stiffer, but with the presence of a touch of brick walls, the house can feel warmer and friendlier.

Modern White Brick Loft Feature
Modern White Brick Loft Feature.
(source: renoguide.com.au)

Bricks have been with us since the medieval times. It is the most enduring construction materials because of its amazing characteristics that include durability, availability, and flexibility. The use of bricks to incorporate character and allure to the sleek and modern designs is a popular trend.

3. Brick Walls To Bring Home Interior Atmosphere

The way a room is designed can affect a person’s feelings and emotions. For example, feeling calm or energised can be manipulated by simply having different colour schemes in different rooms. You can also create an oasis of peace by placing statement furniture pieces and natural elements in the right spot.

Relaxed And Effortless Brick Wall Home Design
Relaxed And Effortless Brick Wall Home Design.
(source:  amara.com)

Whilst it is most often seen in city lofts and open plan apartments, this rough-around-the-edges interior style can be applied to most homes with a few thoughtful touches.

4. Gritting And Moisture In A Brick Interior

Brick walls are a great living room solution, but only if you’re really ready to take care of them. Even the most amazing wall could be worthless without a seal to protect it from moisture.

If you face the risk of damaged grout, we recommend you re-position your bricks and add a more persistent finish.

Gritting And Moisture In A Brick Interior Ideas For A House
Gritting And Moisture In A Brick Interior Ideas For A House.
(source: impressiveinteriordesign.com )

To start with, dredge something like ¾ of the grout’s depth; refill it with a new layer; enclose it, and preserve it in the same condition. If you find the maintenance of genuine brick walls to be a hassle, a faux stone wall would provide an attractive alternative.

5. Exterior Brick Wall For Industrial Style

When talking about facades or buildings that display brick visuals, of course the architectural style that is very closely related is industrial style. The outboard brick material is quite close to the industrial style because of its ability to revive industrial nuances.

So, for those who want to use the industrial concept both on facades and building interiors, it’s clear that this one material can be the right choice for you.

Bruno Tarsia Brick Walls Industrial Decoration And Design
Bruno Tarsia Brick Walls Industrial Decoration And Design.
(source: Pinterest)

6. Aesthetic Brick Walls In A Modern Classic House

However, despite being dominant in industrial style, the processing of brick wall material is still very extensive. It can even be used for buildings with a style that is very contrary to industrial style such as classical and Mediterranean-style houses.

Classic And Modern Style Interior Design With Brick Wall Paint
Classic And Modern Style Interior Design With Brick Wall Paint.
(source: Pinterest )

Without reducing the impression of elegance, brick accents can make a classic home feel warmer and more alive.

7. Home Offices with Brick Walls

There are several different styles one can try out in the home office with a brick wall backdrop that ranges from the contemporary to the classic. While it might not have been cool to have an exposed brick wall surface a decade ago, things have changed completely with them topping the trends chart in recent times.

Styles like industrial, traditional and eclectic obviously work seamlessly with the beautiful brick wall in the backdrop, but adding one to a polished modern home office has its own range of benefits.

Eclectic Home Office With Exposed Brick Walls And Full Of Color And Creativity
Eclectic Home Office With Exposed Brick Walls And Full Of Color And Creativity

Apart from the obvious textural variance that it offers, a smartly finished and sealed brick wall ensures that the home office feels completely different from the rest of the house.

Interested in making a brick wall as part of your home’s identity?

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