6. Natural Vertical Thin Wood Wall Theme

Thin and vertical wooden wall panels are one way to highlight the textural potential which is certainly still trendy. Coupled with the touch of lights or the right lighting, residents of the room can enjoy the modern atmosphere of the room.

Note also how the application of this beautiful wooden wall adorns the room window frames and wooden walls opposite each other. The ideal combination, right?

Natural Vertical Thin Wood Wall Theme
Natural Vertical Thin Wood Wall Theme

Smart backlighting only enhances the effect, while the woven side table pendants offer a touch of contrast for a more organic appearance.

7. Luxury and Glossy for Luxury Bedrooms

Classic wood material is very easy to apply to achieve the appearance of exclusive and luxurious wooden walls. Inspiration of wooden walls above uses a glossy wood texture or glossy, an unusual choice but has a unique effect.

Wooden walls are indeed one of the favorite styles, especially for bedrooms, because the soothing dark color tones help improve sleep quality.

Wood Accents For Glossy White Walls Bedroom
Wood Accents For Glossy White Walls Bedroom.
(source: Interior Design Ideas )

Modern wood materials come at numerous different finishes and prices offering a wide range of finishes to find beautiful designs for every interior design project.

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