7 Best Ideas Of Natural Wooden Wall Houses

Looking for a creative accent on the wall of your house? Bored with the appearance of paint or wall covering and want different? Just try the wood wall application that can provide interesting interior changes.

Starting from the texture, warmth and accent which is certainly different from the natural style, wood walls can be a very effective interior decoration solution. Come on, don’t waste time and immediately use the following beautiful and natural wooden wall inspiration:

1. Wooden Pallets For Warm Wooden Walls

Wooden pallets are one of the favorites for residents who want to prioritize natural and warm styles. As with the application of more refined and shiny wooden walls, the wooden walls of the wooden pallet have an impressive rustic impression.

Wood accent walls have been popular for a long time because of the warmth and texture they add to a room, infusing it with a rustic cabin vibe.

Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall
Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall.
(source: Sustainable Lumber Company )

The installation is done in pieces and directly on certain walls. Uneven colors and textures are not a problem either, because it will add an attractive wooden wall accent. Coupled with other wooden furniture, so it’s a unique and beautiful natural wooden wall.

2. Unique Texture and Wood Wall Shape

Creativity in using wood walls is not limited to vertical or horizontal shapes only. By understanding the different interior design styles of the house, the unique presentation of wooden walls is easily achieved.

Unique Texture And Wood Wall Shape
Unique Texture And Wood Wall Shape.
( source:Decoist )

For example in this family room, using a pile of wood in a circle, a wooden wall like high art can you get.

3. Multi Color Panel for Eccentric Interior

The use of wood walls can also be present in multi-style coloring, such as the inspiration of the wooden walls above. With an interior style with a Mediterranean home, wooden walls are present in natural conditions and not much polish.

Warmth And Texture 10 Unique Living Room Wood Accent Walls
Warmth And Texture 10 Unique Living Room Wood Accent Walls.
(source: Materialicious )

The different wall fields are added with unique room decor, resulting in a cheerful and decorative wooden wall right in the middle of the house.

4. Rustic Partial Wood Wall

Not ready for the transformation of wood walls to the fullest? Use the idea of a partial wooden wall in the form of wall art that is dominated by wood on your concrete wall. You can also arrange these small wooden walls in a niche style that serves as a planting rack for ornamental plants.

Wooden walls are elegant and attractive interior design ideas. Wood on the wall can bring contemporary vibrations to modern interior design or enhance traditional room style. Wood is a universally attractive and versatile material, suitable for all home interiors, outdoor spaces and public places. Natural wood materials offer a variety of textures and colors. Also, you can choose exotic and expensive wood materials and cheap ideas for your modern wall design.

Rustic Interior Wood Walls Wood Accent Walls Accents Living Room Reclaimed Design Ideas
Rustic Interior Wood Walls Wood Accent Walls Accents Living Room Reclaimed Design Ideas.
( source: Pinterest )

Natural wood is one of the latest trends in modern interior design which add wood to walls and ceiling, create beautiful accent walls, and contemporary wooden walls using salvaged wood materials.

5. Polygonal Geometric Wood Wall

The dramatic impression on the wooden walls below comes from the carefully planned arrangement of wood chips. Using irregular geometric concepts, this combination of wooden walls produces polygonal lines that come from various directions. The arrangement also leads to a midpoint, which empties into the main TV unit in the design of this TV room.

The Dramatic Impression On The Wooden Walls
The Dramatic Impression On The Wooden Walls

Natural brown shades and creamy wall tones bring warmth to modern interior design and help create a comfortable, inviting and modern room.

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