What is seen from the outside is not always the same as the reality behind the surface. But in an effort to create a certain impression for those who see, the appearance must be kept as good as possible. Not only physical appearance, but also the appearance of all things related to ourselves. One of them is the appearance or facade of our beloved house.
Whatever the size and style of your home, you need to consider and sort out the right exterior models for the house before starting construction. Remember, that the exterior of the house is the first impression of the people around you and your guests.
Paint the exterior of the house in black? Maybe some people will frown and assume that the black color is less suitable with the exterior. Not many people apply black to the exterior of their homes. Most only accent to one part of the wall.
There are several ways to design the exterior of the house in black, such as with terraces and walkways to the entrance, special doors, windows, parks, stairs, and many others such as houses below:

1. Black House With White Accents Or White Walls With Black Accents

Black House With White Accents (source:  Pinterest )

Black White House Paint Color Design is one of the designs that are loved by everyone because the house with small land can be transformed into a more classy house even though the land is not too large. Therefore each individual must have another dream house than the others.

You can paint the walls and roof of the house in black. Next to the colors of windows and doors using white paint. Monochrome colors can make your home look more elegant.

Grey Walls With Black And White Accents. (source: Pinterest)

But if you don’t like black that is too dominant, you can replace the combination with white or gray for walls and black for windows and doors. of course this combination will not reduce the elegant impression of your home.

2. Black House With Natural Color

Black House With Wood Accents. (source: POPSUGAR Middle East )

This color combination will make your home look more luxurious, brown can be used for windows and doors. You can also use the original colors of wood that you use in your home. This brown color can also be used for roofing.

Black House With Yellow Lights. (source: Pinterest )

Apart from the brown wood you can also use the color of the lamp. Yellow lights can give the impression of luxury in your home. Combined with black, the yellow color of the light from the lamp looks very beautiful and warm.

3. All Black Color For The House

By painting all your homes in black, it will give a firm impression on your home. besides that black will also give a broader impression to your home. Besides that, a house with a black color will certainly contrast with the environment around your environment, this will give a distinct impression for your home.

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