Luxurious Room With Texture Interior Design Inspirations

The texture on the interior wall is able to provide aesthetic value. Textured surface walls will look different from flat and plain wall surfaces. Textured walls are considered more unique and more valuable than walls that are smooth or plain textured.

To get a unique texture on the wall, this can be done by selecting certain materials, or by adding special materials to the wall that can give texture to the wall. There are various choices of types of textures that can be applied to the wall, including textures below:

1. Minimalist home interior design with texture

Apart from patterns and colors, you can also experiment with textures in your minimalist home interior design to make it feel more fun and not monotonous.

Attractive textures that are suitable for minimalist interiors you can get from materials such as natural stone, wood floors, wallpaper, carpets, and various other materials. Although free to experiment, it is wise to choose textures to prevent the interior from losing its minimalist essence.

Minimalist Home Interior Design With Texture
Minimalist Home Interior Design With Texture.
(source: Pinterest )

To make a minimalist home more attractive and comfortable to occupy, then you are advised to place several decorative variants. No need to overdo it, just mix and match the flower vase with several photo frames in the corner of the room.

Modern Minimalist Style Beautiful Simple Living Rooms
Modern Minimalist Style Beautiful Simple Living Rooms.
(source: Roets Jordan Brewery )

2. The Right Lighting

Houses that implement a design as beautiful and as good as anything but do not have good air ventilation are also not suitable houses to live in. For that, make sure you provide enough space to place several windows and ventilation. The goal is that the circulation in your home runs smoothly and the house will not feel stuffy.

Style Your Home In Tones And Textures With Design Help From Houzz Interior Design Experts
Style Your Home In Tones And Textures With Design Help From Houzz Interior Design Experts. (Tulsa Lifestyle Magazine)

The choice of the basic color in a house is very influential on the appearance of your minimalist home. Therefore, apply colors that are not too flashy or too bright.

3. Beautiful Country House

Country style means pure material, which is embodied in interior items, covers and decorations. Nowadays it’s almost impossible to live without modern consumer electronics, but if you want to realize these stylish features in your home, it’s better not to display modern equipment, but to hide (build, hide) them.

Houses that have a little window will feel stuffy and very little light can enter the house. Therefore you should install a long window on the front. Placing a long wall in the upper part of the house will keep the house fresh both in the day or night.

Adorable Farmhouse Bedroom With Fireplace Country Style
Adorable Farmhouse Bedroom With Fireplace Country Style.
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Choose furniture that is multipurpose so you don’t need to buy a variety of furniture which will make your home space narrow. Customize the furniture that will be purchased with the area of the room which will later be the space to put the furniture.

4. Apply Matching Decoration

Choose furniture that has matching colors so the house looks neater. This also simplifies the problem of decoration. Put a chandelier on the dining table to get a different atmosphere.

We can see the soft lighting present in this dining room. The lighting is warm and welcoming and creates an intimate dining setting. It’s a nice modern change from the more traditional chandelier we often see. Neutral tones in the furniture and flooring further compliment the design of this space.

Small Home Decorating Ideas Without Spending A Lot Of Money
Small Home Decorating Ideas Without Spending A Lot Of Money.
(source: )

Simple, with cream and gray colors that blend perfectly. This room has an interesting tone

5. Use textures for home decor

You can still add texture enhancing details with the impression of art at home. Suppose you can decorate your living room with glass tables and striped pattern carpets. The art that you apply to home decor will show your personality. Starting from the motif, color, even to the arrangement that you choose for home decor.

You can also bring a classic feel to your ideal home decor. Classic home decor can be done by selecting dark wood colored furniture, using a simple cabinet, and using the right type of lamp.

Beautiful Vintage Home Decor
Beautiful Vintage Home Decor. (Pinterest )

A narrow room instead of not being able to be made more spacious. You can bring that impression through the right decor.  Also make sure you don’t decorate your house too much, just attach a wall decoration that fits the atmosphere of your room and match it with the right lighting.

6. Unique Interior Design of Textured Room Walls

Thin and vertical wooden wall panels are one way to highlight the textural potential which is certainly still trendy. Combined with the right touch of lights or lighting, residents of the room can enjoy the atmosphere of a modern room.

The neutral color used in this design is able to give the impression that the room looks wider while looking elegant. Even though it seems minimalist, furniture for striped wooden walls has very high artistic value.

Unique Interior Design Of Textured Room Walls
Unique Interior Design Of Textured Room Walls. (source: Pinterest)

Creativity in using wood walls is not limited to vertical or horizontal shapes only. By understanding the different interior design styles of the house, the unique presentation of wooden walls is easily achieved.

Which design do you like? Have you determined how the interior is?

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